Missed Discounts

A multinational transportation company had concerns over payments and discounts being missed or miscalculated on the partial orders from their major supplier of nails. After analyzing SAP purchase receipts, payment history and negotiated discounts from their major supplier, Proxim discovered that the client was missing discounts due to tiered and location-based pricing in addition to the partial orders.

Proxim consolidated the partial orders and identified correct discounted prices that resulted in a $400K recovery for the client.


Cashback Claims

An international electronics manufacturing company had several cashback programs processed through a third party vendor and had engaged a cost recovery audit provider to review payments and cashback eligibility. Their cost recovery audit provider did not find any discrepancies and Proxim was engaged as a secondary cost recovery auditor.

Working with the client and its cashback third party vendor, Proxim processed all data and identified that data was missing for a major claim area. After obtaining the additional data and analyzing cashback terms, we identified that the client was billed at incorrect cashback amounts, and in some cases for transactions that did not meet promotional terms and conditions. The audit resulted in $500K in recoveries for the client.