We process large data sets, turning information into multi-dimensional intersections of business-specific attributes and metrics.
Proxim decision engine audits and validates  millions of records against the relevant business rules, identifying recoverable claims.
Proxim products and services in audit recovery domain helped clients recover more than $90M in the last three years.

Benefits of Proxim AUDIT Recovery

Accelerated profit recovery with an elastic deployment platform, industry modeled high-value data infrastructure & end-to-end managed services designed with business agility in mind.

Quick results

1-3 weeks to initiate recovery. Claims potential identified for each applicable recovery category

ZERO investment

NO setup costs, NO subscription fees, NO consulting fees. Services covered by contingency

Proxim Decision Engine

Includes standard recovery scenarios (duplicates, returns, pricing, contract review). Custom recovery scenarios can be added

ON/OFF premises and hybrid deployment

Full functionality for all modules provided in ON/OFF and Hybrid scenarios. OFF premise solutions yield additional savings

Multi-tiered data architecture

Source data is processed via multiple data layers, including relational, denormalized, and multi-dimensional structures

Self-service business intelligence

Web-based dashboards containing dynamic scorecards with KPIs. Advanced Analytics reporting including drill-into and drill-across capabilities

No hardware or software infrastructure

All software components are provided in proximbox® managed and hosted by Proxim.

Real-time collaboration

Web based portals bring auditors, clients, and vendors together in real-time