Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Proxim Solutions (Proxim) supports clients across multiple industries throughout a combination of local presence and global delivery capabilities.

With the full power of unique depth of thought combined with the technical and people expertise of leading professionals, we are committed to protecting and enhancing the enterprise value of our clients. We understand that the innovation and creativity required to develop the next generation of business solutions is driven by exposure to new ideas and different approaches to problem solving that add to the bottom-line.

From the beginning, our mission has been to provide clients with unparalleled consulting solutions and technology services.  Our perseverance in building lasting relationships based on knowledge, quality, commitment and responsiveness remains intact today. Today, Proxim operates a centralized delivery and recruiting model that services our nationwide client base.

Innovation, leading-edge technology and a deep commitment to exceptional customer experiences are at the core of who we are. At Proxim, our focus is delivering high-value solutions that drive your business forward no matter where you are in your digital journey.

Our company has become a preferred service provider to the world’s leading IT integration firms, corporations and institutions.



Turn data into actionable insights. Describe, prescribe, and predict.

Make data and analytics the lifeblood of your digital enterprise reinvention.

We extract insight from large volumes of complex data sets to help you refine how you engage with customers, employees and partners. Whether through analytical models, systems integration or data analytics and strategic consulting, we can help your data drive experience.

Creating differentiated experiences for your employees and customers demands the ability to listen and incorporate new ideas into products and services at scale and speed. Our Digital Insights Expert Services will work with you to deliver powerful insights—anytime, anywhere.

Businesses that succeed in today’s fast changing global economy will not only recognize their data as a strategic asset, but also understand how to make use of it.

Our Digital Insights team approach is to:

Work backwards - start with the end goal in mind, focused on identifying business goals and deploying a modernized platform to meet those objectives

Make data available to all areas of the business and understand that it is an asset and should be used liberally yet judiciously throughout your organization

Couple data with the right tools – driving both predictive and prescriptive outcomes

Whether Machine Learning, Azure Analytics, AI, IoT, Data Science, or Modern Data Visualization, Proxim’s team of experts can turn your data asset into Digital Insights.

Enabling digital business revolution. Enhance, reinvent, and evolve at speed of digital.

Redesigning customer experiences, rethinking business models and enhancing existing capabilities. Helping you to enable contextual relationships to drive relevancy and customer engagement.

Our team of experts will help you define a digital strategy, design distinctive capabilities, and plan the path to realization. Our brand of digital strategy is a blend of big ideas, operational effectiveness, and pragmatic execution. Our advisors passionately work with you to help turn your organizational vision in to a reality, equipping you to solve problems and evolve your strategy — not just today, but for years to come.

Organizations that view technology as a competitive lever must embrace the transformation imperative. They need to continue to improve their capabilities, leverage digital to enhance the customer experience and optimize business operations. Continuing to create new business capabilities while ensuring every dollar of IT investment is efficiently focused is of the utmost importance. We work with our clients to align their company strategies with their digital solutions and investment plans.

We guide our clients in creating a strategic advantage by building technology-enabled, agile operating models that are responsive to next-wave disruptors like Cloud and XaaS. Proxim develops fit-for-purpose operating models that are anchored in business strategy and enabled by modern technology principles. We design new business engagement models that empower high-performing teams to execute agile delivery processes and new sourcing strategies.

Move from ideas or issues to business outcomes.

From business challenges to outcomes. Leverage our experienced team to accelerate emerging capability adoption, apply new technologies to existing infrastructure or evolve to cloud.

Our experts provide cloud applications and technologies that will drive your organization toward digital mastery in achieving profitable revenue, empowering your workforce, and amplifying the right conversations with your customers across all channels and industries.

Simplicity and elegance to meet the exact needs of the customer. Interactive enabled.

Colors, curvature, tone and voice, interaction patterns are just a few of the brand elements that we devote appropriate amount of attention to, in effort to accurately translate the look-and-feel across all experiences.

Through thoughtful design and delivery, we’ll build an expertly crafted and intuitive experience that both engages and delights your users. At Proxim, we’re experts in user experience, and we’re fundamentally transforming the way users interact with our client’s digital products and services.

Our focus is to create a clear and shared vision that results in experiences that get results today, while establishing a foundation upon which to build for the next generation of User Experience and its users.

Reshaping how you connect and engage with customers.

Mobility enables agility and helps enterprises reinvent how they engage and connect with their customers. Proxim offers a portfolio of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that moves with the speed of its customers.

Build or fit. Custom capabilities leveraging various technologies to enable business outcomes.

Proxim provides the thought leadership, process and design skills needed to build a transformative and compelling modern application. Whether you are looking to create a new Line-of-Business application, or give a facelift to an existing application, we can help.

To help you along your digital journey, we bring a unique blend of architectural insight, user experience design, and modern application expertise to every project we engage in. This blend uniquely positions you for success today, and for whatever the future holds.

Our focus on intelligent-edge technology, advanced architectural design, and user experience in a cloud-first world delivers experiences that will delight your users and customers. These experiences, coupled with a focus on time-proven patterns around DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, will amaze your end-users and be manageable in the long run.

PreBuilt & Outcome Delivered Analytical Solutions

Key industry KPIs, business metrics, prebuild dashboards and guided insights designed to accelerate your adoption, help you enhance customer experiences and remake business models.

Prebuilt Analytics is set of industry business solutions as a service that leverage data enrichment, analytics and cloud computing capabilities along with the leading data visualization tools to enable visually rich and interactive experiences delivered on any device.

With key industry KPIs, business metrics, dashboards, standard analytics models, and pre-built data connectors we can help evolve your existing systems of insight or deliver new end-to-end solutions with speed and business agility. Pay for what you consume and need.


Speed to business value

Promote quick adoption across your enterprise using industry proven methods.

Designed with business agility in mind

Agile approach to analytics and business insights using technology capabilities and solution deployment options tailored to meet your outcomes.

Business solution scalability and elasticity

Achieve significant cost savings. Leverage elastic service models and pay based on your needs, data volumes, and performance requirements.

Quick Deployment

Designed to reduce time to value and business adoption for the common uses cases and insights scenarios.

We are committed to standing up a Packaged Analytics solution in less than three months, including major KPI and Self-Service Business Intelligence dashboards.

Interaction with clients is focused on defining business objectives and identifying sources of data. Staffing, infrastructure, and technology is provided as a part of Packaged Analytics solution.

Proxim has helped customers recover over $90MIL in last three years.

Product suite focused on post-payment review and analysis of invoices, purchase orders and other available documents supporting its payments that is specifically designed to identify overpayments, wrong vendor payments, and overlooked cash discounts.


Businesses carry millions in hidden profits that are 100% recoverable

Proxim Audit Recovery process identifies recoverable funds from up to 5 years prior and beyond

Recoverable claims are identified within weeks, immediately impacting cash flow and enabling business growth

Conservative estimates typically assess $1M recoverable funds on $1B in spend

Contingent model – services are paid for from recovered assets, requires zero investment from business to initiate

Our process enables Loss Prevention, thereby increasing financial efficiency and reducing operational risk moving forward

In addition to identifying and documenting specific overpayments resulting from payment errors, audit recovery process also analyzes the reasons why payment errors occurred and, where appropriate, recommends cost-effective controls to prevent such overpayments in the future.